The Best Things in Life are Free

Best Free Things in Life

You’ve got bills to pay and trust me there are even songs devoted to bills. In the modern world, everything revolves around one ultimate thing. It is the biggest problem of all, yet it is the solution to almost all problems; money! Rules like the ‘no free lunch’ rule are actually taught to university students […]

Sales Techniques and Strategies: 6 Effective Sales Methods

Play your Sales Techniques

There are numerous different sales techniques  that marketing books will tell you about when it comes to making good sales. However, these strategies can often be complicated and hard to understand. Yet, it is of crucial importance for one to be able to implement good sales techniques and strategies in order to be successful. Today, I will […]

Lead Generation Strategies: How to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Convert Visitors to Customers

Creating a blog that is popular, trendy and attractive is not that hard. Previously, I have discussed countless ways through which an individual can create a blog that gets lots of page views and is popular among people. I have talked about how to increase rankings with search engines and have discussed various aspects of […]

The Barriers in Blogging

The Barriers in Blogging

Back in school, I failed to understand why my school always conducted hurdle races. Many years and a few jobs later, I have found the answer; Life itself is a hurdle race; no matter what your profession may be, it will be as if you have taken part in an obstacle race. You see, life […]

How to Make More Money

Make More Money

Let’s admit it, the ultimate purpose behind why everyone works is the fact that they want to, or rather, they need to make money. There are bills to pay, things to buy, savings to do and the basic cycle of life to carry out. Money is a scarce resource for most people and when it […]

A Letter of Doubt

The Letter of Doubt

Today I fell into the deep well of self-doubt. It was unchartered territory; it took me a while to gather my bearings and take in the surroundings. The reason behind my immense discomfort was because I was always a person certain about what I wanted. But for the first time, I was very unsure. I […]

Blogging as: The Needs of Social Media

Importance of Social Media for Bloggers

It is essential for content that you write to become extremely popular on the social media because nowadays, social media is probably the biggest platform that bloggers can use in order to make their content publicized efficiently. However, not all content can gain extreme popularity on social media sites that easily. Sometimes, the content may […]

The Basics of Business Values

Basics of Business Values

There are various rules and regulations that govern our everyday lives. Since the formation of society as we know it, there have been certain values that have been part of every community, irrespective of race, ethnicity or background. The case is similar for business organizations. In every firm, there are a number of different business […]

How To Be Believed

Be Believed

It is essential for every writer that his or her readers truly believe what the writer has to say. This is an essential factor for the credibility of the writer to build up and credibility further ensures that the author continues to get the maximum number of likes, shares, tweets and page views from enthusiastic readers from all over […]

The WWW of Blogging

The WWW of Blogging

I have discussed numerous aspects of factors that affect productivity. From technical knowledge to a healthy routine, productivity is affected by many factors. When we hear the word productivity, images of machines, hi tech labs, computers, scientists and men dressed in suits flood our brain. For us, these factors determine productivity. However, there are certain […]